Best Pancakes ever

I can’t put into words that feeling of satisfaction when I flip the cake in the pan. It feels like nirvana at first bite. 

What can be more satisfying and fulfilling than pancakes for breakfast?! But we are having it for…midnight snack! Yes that happens when you wake up at 7, but not in the morning and have a couple of joints. Javed suddenly felt like hanging out at some park nearby so I brought him to a park by the water – we live on a peninsular which he calls ” a giant penis-ular”. Yeah my big boy always has a witty dirty mind. So we played with the swing set, climbed over the barrier between the park and the water, some pieces of lovely talk on which direction we are facing, what my hair smells like, how hot he is,…. Well,.. i gotta say we kinda went a little further than just making out on the park bench! Then I suddenly felt like making some fluffy pancakes, I told him and he absolutely wanted some pancakes too. 

He asked if we had any pancake mix. 

– No. But i have cake flour,baking soda, ….

– Ah, you’re gonna make it from scratch.

– Yikess, it’s easy. I have everything in the kitchen to make some epic pancakes! We have a mango in the fridge, can make some caramelized mango topping too!

Javed thought it would be really good.

We headed home at 12am. This time I decided to make some modification to the recipe i used to use

Me taking out some ladles from the kitchen draw – “uhmm I have measure spoons”

Javed confused – “Then how (tf) are you gonna do it?”

– I still can always do it. Just estimate the proportion of the ingredients. 

– yes you are the chef!

– That’s the home-cooking style. You don’t have to follow exactly the recipe. 

So I took out the biggest ladle, that looked almost like a cup. Put a full ladle of cake flour (number 8) to a big mixing bowl and showed him ‘is this 1 cup? It looks like 1 cup’

– I think it’s a little bit more than 1 cup

– It’s alright then

According to the old recipe i used to use, the ratio between sugar and flour should be 1:2 so I added almost half a ladle of white sugar cuz i dont want it to be too sweet as I’m gonna put mango topping on it. Then a pinch of salt, a full tea spoon of baking soda (the little short spoon for tea cup, not the teaspoon in the measure spoons set. I figure it’ll be about over 1/2 teaspoon). Dry ingredients were mixed by a fork in a big bowl while Javed was peeling off the mango and cut it into little cubes. 

This time I tried a method I had read somewhere about putting some lime juice into milk to get a soft fluffy texture. I sipped a bit from the lime-milk bowl, it smells really good and tastes good to. I gave it to Javed “try it. It tastes sooooo good”. Javed thinks it should be a new flavour for his vaperizor. He’s a vaperizor maniac! ” Does it have anything to do with the taste of the cake?” No! It just helps create the perfect texture and also activates baking soda too. 

In another bowl I melted 20gr of salted butter and mixed with a big egg. Poured them to the dry mixture first. Then added the lime milk. Mixed them ’til incorperated, not too well cuz it’ll bring a hard and chewy texture. I just added the milk until I got the desirable consistency. Take a spoon and drip it down, it is thick enough to take about 3-5 seconds to blend in the mixture in the bowl.

I poured a medium size ladle i’ve got into the butter coated pan on medium low heat. Wait until the surface fully bubbles and it’s time to flip! As we have some boiling butter in the pam so the first pancake wouldn’t have an even brown. But from the second one, it turned to a “perfect brown for a pancake”as Javed said. While the 3rd one was in the pan, I started with the topping. About 2 tablespoons of baking sugar, dissolved in water in anotherpan brought to high heat, then mango cubes were added. I stirred a bit to make sure the sugar were fully dissovled in water and just let them their until big bubbles covered the pan. I turned down the heat to medium low. The topping was ready when it’s thickened and mango cubes were covered in sugar syrup, not to much, a consistency similar to honey. Sweet!

Javed tasted the first pancake “omg it’s really good. You put sugar in it?”

When I was still finishing the topping, he had already eaten 3 of the cakes. Only 3 left in the plate that was served on the table with mango topping. He loved it! “This is the best pancakes I’ve ever had. Better than my mom’s, i have to say”.

I feel so rewarded when he can’t stop giving praises whenever I cook something for him. I was sipping my milk tea when he said ‘if you dont eat it i will eat the rest of it right now’. Omg he definitely loves it a lot. 

“You can have it all. I made this for you”

I always feel like winning a Noble prize when he gives a kiss everytime I cook something and he likes it. 

Just such simple thing can make me happy everyday.

Here’s the recipe that my epic fluffy pancakes were based on:

1 cup of cake flour

1/2 cup of sugar

1/2 teaspoon of baking soda

Pinch of salt

20gr butter

1 large egg

A bowl (i used rice bowl) of plain milk with some lime juice in it.

Happy cooking!


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